From where do you source your tea?

All of our tea is completely grown and produced in Taiwan according to SGS standards.



 Where is Taiwan?

Taiwan is a small island nation located between China and Japan. Although referred to as the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan is a democracy and maintains its own food safety standards. 



 How do you determine pricing? 

Unlike other regions of the world that produce tea, Taiwan’s climate and farming practices produce higher quality leaves. The quality of Taiwan tea is determined by many factors including location, the age of the tea plant, and processing methods. Tea quality varies greatly from year to year due to uncontrollable factors such as varying temperatures and weather conditions.

In order to provide a product that is both high quality and accessible, we buy our tea from local farmers whose teas have been priced by professional sommeliers (tea in Taiwan is ranked annually and prices can reach as much as 300 USD per kilogram). Unlike many tea producers who mix teas from various farmers and regions to maintain flavor from year to year, our tea is single origin. We choose our tea annually according to which farmers have produced the best tea in their category that year.



 Is your tea organic?

All tea farmers in Taiwan must submit a portion of their harvest to be SGS tested for pesticide and heavy metal contamination before being sold. While our teas are not certified organic, they are all SGS compliant. The sweeter varieties of tea such as our honey black and champagne oolong are grown without pesticides. 



 Can I sample your product before making a purchase?

As a small business operating directly out of Taiwan, we are not able to offer samples at this time. We suggest ordering the Full Bloom, which includes two of each of our teas.