Champagne Oolong

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This heavily oxidized, non-roasted oolong is famously fruity and sweet.

Grown in Hsinchu County, Taiwan and harvested in the peak of the heat, it's the sweet summer peach of tea and a soon to be staple in your routine. 

Created by a similar process to our Honey Black, the signature sweetness of Champagne Oolong is a result of a fateful and fortunate interaction between a certain little bug and a defensive enzyme in the leaf that's produced in response to their naughty nibble.


*Includes one box of 20 individually wrapped tea bags.

*Tea bags made of biodegradable PLA

*Grown and produced in Taiwan

*Each bag can be steeped two to three times. For best flavor, steep for one minute in near boiling water, adding an additional minute for each subsequent steep.