Moon Bloom Tea was created to bring the ancient and alchemic practice of traditional tea cultivation to the world. 

On the little-known but beautiful island of Taiwan, nature has bestowed the perfect conditions for crafting the best tea under the moon. 

We have traveled our star-soaked little island to find the most dedicated and knowledgeable farmers and curated a selection of our favorites that we think you'll love too.

Moon Bloom Tea is on a mission to provide a healthy alternative source of caffeine, one that has long been prized for its benefits to both the body and mind.

Ancient Chinese wisdom has called for the incorporation of tea into daily life as a means of providing the body with anti-oxidants and essential vitamins and minerals. Tea also touts immune and metabolic boosting properties. 

Tea is not just a drink; it's a ritual, a means of dedicating a few minutes each day to lightening our mental load, to remind us of what is sacred.

Our bodies are our home, born of stardust and light, our inner and outer worlds directed by the cosmos. It's pull, though invisible, is all around us, evidenced in the rich soil, the blessing of the rain, the beauty of that which blooms. 

Just as the ancients followed the guidance of the stars, listened to the soft rhythm of the moon, our generation has posed questions and found the answers in nature. 

Moon Bloom Tea is a resource, a point of access in the search for the gifts of the soil. It is a community that will always celebrate and work to preserve the abundance of our home within the cosmos.

Moon-managed. Medicinal. Delicious.

Moon Bloom Tea is where the body and the stars get reacquainted.